Aude lives with her eyes wide opened onto the world, noticing scenes, landscapes, objects that might find their place in her work later. She has always loved the sharpness of a shape edge, details, and contrast. She works in a representational style, where she can indulge in her interest in the form. Her other work stems from imagination, with a somewhat expressionist approach that gets refined as she goes, this coming from an internal source of inspiration. In both styles, nature remains her main observation field.

In the end, lyricism is present in each painting, creating a subtle poem or a bright statement.



Born and raised in Senegal and various French-speaking western African countries, Aude (pronounce "ode" as in Ode to Joy) has led a rich life from the start, surrounded by people and a culture that deeply marked her memories and imagination. 

Early on she developped a passion for drawing and various forms of art-making. It is in her twenties that she started exploring specific media, particularly after living for three years in France, when she came to the United States.

She was originally painting detailed watercolors and had three exhibits in Jackson, WY, in the 1990’s. Afterwards, she felt she wanted to explore a very different creative area and, never ceasing to be involved in the arts, she spent twelve years as a freelance graphic designer before recently closing her business and pursuing fully her artistic career, this time as a figurative and abstract painter.

She is self-taught, has taken workshops in drawing and painting, landscapes and still life, in watercolor and acrylics, in printmaking, woodcutting, and ceramics. She has spent years refining her skills, and today creates beautiful work with a unique style. She finds inspiration in nature, culture and life, and a variety of artists such Scott Conary, Renoir, and Mari Andrews.

She lives in Jackson, Wyoming, with her husband.



  • August 2016 - Tiny Art Show, group show - Curated by Meg Daly and Alissa Davies - Jackson, WY
  • June-August 2016 - Isabel Jewelry & Galery, solo show - Pinedale, WY
  • September 2015 - Jackson Rising IV, at the Art Association: group show - Jackson, WY.